Member Spotlight-Leila Daw

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One of our Thrive at Home members Leila Daw is a well-known artist who is currently working on an immersive installation. The installation is called “Ages of Life: Entering the Fossil Record”, to be installed at Yale West Campus for City Wide Open Studios, from November 2nd-3rd. The theme of this year’s Open Studios is “Older but Younger” and she is developing this with a collaborator named, Alexis Musinski.


Come to view this piece as it “will give you a chance to walk through an installation of panels suggesting canyon walls, showing fossils embedded in the strata of the earth; some fossils are transparent, so while thinking of extinction and survival, you and your friends can see one another as fossils. We worked with paleontologists at the Yale Peabody museum to develop this piece. This is one of the panels, 72″ x 108″, stitched, pieced, embroidered, and painted.” -Leila Daw