Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Also referred to as a not-for-profit organization, Thrive at Home puts our mission first, not our margin. Any profit is invested back into our organization.
Yes. One must be healthy and independent when first joining Thrive at Home.
Thrive at Home is an at-home service program offered by Whitney Center, Connecticut’s premier senior living community.
Yes, in more ways than one! As a Thrive at Home member, you are part of the Whitney Center family. You have access to amenities of the campus as well as our award-winning levels of care.
Yes, after one year of membership if you move within the United States, your Thrive at Home membership moves too.
Medicare is a short-term insurance. Thrive at Home is designed to coordinate and cover the costs of long term care, often which is not covered by Medicare.
We offer a few different membership plans to help you choose what’s best for you. Plans can complement or replace traditional long term care insurance.
Only medically necessary transportation is covered, but we can coordinate any transportation you may need.
Yes! We offer a discount for two people from the same household joining together.
Yes. You may be required to re-qualify medically for any upgrades.
Thrive at Home is a program to help you plan for the what ifs in life. You must be healthy and independent when first joining Thrive at Home before the unexpected health event occurs that may disqualify you.
Yes, you may be able to claim a medical deduction for a portion of your membership fee and monthly service fees as advanced payments for medical services to be received at a later date.
Each member is qualified individually, death of a loved one does not impact the other’s membership status.
Your monthly service fee may increase each year, but your healthcare coverage also increases!

Contact us to learn more about how Thrive at Home can give you choices and control for your future.

Thrive at Home with Whitney Center Q & A


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